Organic Basics Impact Report

Delivery: Web Design, UI

Company: Organic Basics
Illustration: Emil Bang Lyngbo
Dev: Henderson Pinto
Recognition: Awwwards Honorable Mention

At Organic Basics, I led a web project focused on designing and developing an innovative interactive impact report. Our goal was to showcase the company's impact in an immersive and engaging manner. We incorporated animated intros, captivating sound effects, and seamless integration of two languages to create a dynamic user experience. Moreover, we ensured the web app's versatility by making it accessible offline on any device. The end result was a visually stunning and informative platform that effectively communicated Organic Basics' commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Chapter navigation


The platform included two languages, sound and, of course, dark mode

An animated intro sets the tone for the report


Each chapter was color-coded based on our products

We did custom illustrations for each of the sections


All of the illustrations were done twice, both for desktop and mobile


Lovely animations throughout the experience


Dark mode for better reading experience at dimmed conditions